Kindle Direct Publishing Guides

These guides are designed to take you through every single portion of the Kindle Publishing experience. Right from the very beginner tips through to the advanced Kindle Publishing Secrets.

All of it’s been ordered and structured to make sure you can extract the most information right from the start and avoid most of the newbie mistakes – to save you time and money.

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kindle publishing for beginners
Welcome to Kindle Publishing. without all the mistakes.



–>What is Kindle Publishing?

–>What are Kindle’s guidelines on publishing?

–>How much does it cost to publish a book on Kindle?

–>How do I upload a book to Kindle?

Getting Started

Before anything else, you want to start on these articles if you’re new here;

–>How do I publish a book on Kindle?

–> The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Guide



–>The 10x rule – how to make my Amazon Kindle Book pop

–> How to write a good story (and maybe even Kindle Publish)


Niches and finding Niches

–>Market Research – How to find the perfect niche for your book


Traffic Driving to your books