About Me

Hey guys, Mark Hunt here.

The reason I started up this website (and really all my online ventures) is because in one of my last jobs (I was selling construction tape to companies) I got really, really ill.

I was sleeping too many hours of the day everyday to try to work it off. I’m pretty sure it was Chronic Fatigue but no doctor ever diagnosed me with it.

Sounds like the life, right? Getting to sleep all day?

Well it wasn’t, because my commissions and work life were severely being affected.

It put a cog in all my plans and affected pretty much every area of my life, including my work. If I wasn’t crippled by my need to sleep, I was asleep.

Eventually I got laid off, and in my desperation started hitting up doctors as much as I could.

I’d go to doctor after doctor and every time I did, the doctors would tell me the same things.

  • “You’re depressed” or
  • “you’re tired” or
  • “maybe you don’t like your job”.

I could clearly tell there was something more wrong with me so – after days of suffering – I went searching into it myself. And eventually I was able to find the information that I needed to cure myself.

I’m not gonna lie, it was hard and it took a lot of months of trial and error. I changed my diet, my exercise routines, I added meditation … basically everything.

But eventually, I cured it.

And that one moment taught me my most important lesson so far; if I can cure something that everyone else is telling me I just have to live with, then why can’t I do anything?

Now you have to understand how monumental a change that was. If I could cure myself of a disease like Chronic Fatigue, maybe I could actually do anything.

So I decided to give it a shot.

Over the course of a few months in working with a charity, I started my first online business. I got into Kindle Direct Publishing with Stefan Pylarinos’ course (which was the first step and you can buy it here) and from there just started learning as much as possible.

I was a big fan of fiction so that’s what I started with, and from there it grew and grew. Now I can write all kinds of books for all kinds of markets, and I want to share my advice and tips with everyone else here.

So to get started with this, take a look at my first guide here.

–> How to publish on Kindle <–