About Me

Did you know that if you have a spoon in your car here in the UK … the police will search your car so thoroughly for drugs that they’ll actually rip your seats up and the side panels of your car?

Do you know how I know this?

Because it happened to me.

I don’t know why the spoon was in my car. I probably ate something and then forgot to take the spoon out of my car. But it wasn’t as though I was going to use it to eat anything other than a yoghurt!

Did they expect me to eat the yoghurt with an electric f****** razor?

And all the whilst that I was getting the car assessed for what I thought would be HEFTY damages and even heftier punches to my bank balance, I was thinking about this dream I’ve had for a long while.

I have this dream to just pack shop and go live in Mauritania for a while.

I don’t know why I’ve picked Mauritania, I’ll be honest, as opposed to the other countries of the world. It’s just quiet. Pretty community-based … and it’s a very different culture to the UK.

I seriously like the feel and atmosphere there and can see myself living there for a few months as just a getaway for a while, y’know

Maybe you have a similar dream. Maybe you want to go live somewhere like Thailand for a little while, or Australia, or wherever you want to go. Or maybe you have a hobby you’d like to do more, or maybe you just want to be able to act on all your whims whenever you like without having to think about problems. 

But just like I could have forked over almost a THOUSAND FRICKING POUNDS if I didn’t play my cards right when the cops practically sheared my car’s upholstery … money is always the problem.

And I hate that, y’know?

If it’s true that “money can’t buy happiness”, then money shouldn’t be the be-all and end-all of life, right?

For most of us, it’s just the vehicle by which you go to the country you want to go … or chase that hobby you’ve always wanted to … or go create the life you’ve always wanted to.

The reason for my website, and the reason I’m even doing this business (as opposed to other businesses), is because I like teaching and I like writing. This gives me the opportunity to do both.

Add to that the fact that the internet is seriously blowing up as a way to make money, and you have a situation where I can show you how to live your dreams through the passive income you could potentially make through it.

I’m under the opinion that the number one regret of every single person on their deathbed won’t be “frick, I wish I worked more hours.”

It’ll be, “frick, I wish I didn’t spend so much time working.”

Unless you love your job … in which case why don’t you publish a book about it? 😀

But for most of us, that work is netting us all next to nothing.

And so on this website, I’m giving you full (and completely free) guides that I’m creating with the advice and guidance of other Kindle publishers included … to make you stronger as a Kindle publisher and to grow you in whatever route you choose to go down – whether it be Kindle Publishing or any form of online business (the strategies are all interchangeable).

I’m not gonna lie to you. I’m not some Kindle Guru with millions of titles that are raking in millions.

I’m not a Kindle Master, or an internet guru that has all the answers.

I’m just a budding Kindlepreneur like yourself who’s seriously interested in the field and I love working for myself. And I’m putting this site together with everything that I’m learning so that mutually we can grow into the masters we should be.

And that’s why, if you have any questions, thoughts, want some advice or even talk about the weather, why not drop me an email at faizaan@kindlepublishingsecrets.com?

You want to get started? Then you can do two things.

The first is to absorb all the articles on this site, and ask me any questions you have through my email. Keep checking back and reading the guides because, unlike other internet authors, I’m only looking to give you the stuff that’s going to work.

The second, if you really have no idea where to start on your Kindle Publishing journey, why not try out Stefan Pylarinos’ course on the subject? It covers pretty much everything when you’re starting out, including how to pick titles and how to create whole series’ of books. You don’t even have to write the books yourself if you’re not feeling up to it.

Good luck!